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Skateboarding/Snowboarding Rules!

Skateboarding and snowboarding are two of my favorite type of recreation to do. Cuz they both kick ass! If you havent tried either sport yet then you havent lived~!!!







 The year 1959 the 1st roller derby skateboard was for sale w/ clay wheels calling it side walk surfing. Skateboarding has changed alot throughout over the years. Because lots of people accomplished many great feats like:
- Alan "ollie" Gelfand created the ollie
- Rodney Mullen created the essential tricks for skateboarding like the kickflip,heelflip,360 flip, impossible etc.
-Danny Wanright-holds the record for the highest ollie 44.58 in
-Josh Beagle made the worlds biggest skateboard 10 ft long 4ft wide and uses car tires for the wheels.
-Trevor Baxter ollied down a staircase that was 5 ft tall
- John Huston had the fastest record on a skateboard I think 53.45mph
-Jamie Thomas holds the highest ollie of the "leap of faith"
Snowboarding had some cool things happening too like the snowboarding history starts in 1965 w/ a guy named Sherman Poppe by fastened 2 kid skis togther with some dawd rods and called it the snurfer.Also snowboarding history has  changed with new modifcations and shit like that~