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Interesting facts about one of the best humor punk bands

Well right here is a list of interesting things about Blink 182 some of them I could be wrong on, so you can e-mail me if their wrong or you can also e-mail me more facts about them. I learned most of the information from the MAXIMUM BLINK 182 cd.The list isnt finished but I will add more later.
1) mark likes his cereal dry
2) Tom believes in aliens and his favorite song "Aliens Exist"
3) Mark is the only member in Blink182 that has no tatoos
4)Travis had a crush on Brittney Spears
5) Tom got expelled from school when he was about 15 for drinking at a basketball game.
6) Mark has a nipple ring
7) Scott got dismissed/left Blink 182 to continue to go to college
8) Blink 182 original band name was just Blink but some Irish Techno band threatened to sue them if they didnt change the name
9) Marks sister was the one that introduced Tom and Mark together
10) In the "whats my age again?" music video Blink 182 were really naked about 40% of the time
11) Also those were real reactions from people
12) Toms wife got mad at Tom from the line in the song Dump Weed "I need a girl that I can train"
13) Tom drinks but doesnt smoke
14) Tom was the one that thought up of the name "Enema of the state" for that cd
15) Tom used to work as a construction worker lifting cement bags and hated his job w/ a passion.
16) Travis owns a company "Stars and Straps belt buckles and Belts" company
17) The song "Josie" was named after a neighbors dog
18) Marks mom didnt like the title of the "Emema of the State" cd because she didnt want to tell his grandmother the title
19) Travis's nickname is "Fuck Boy"
20) Travis used to be the drummer for the Aquabats
21) Tom in his early teen years used to wake up his parents blowing noteless tunes from the trumpet
22)Marks hero is Homer Simpson
23) Travis favorite cereal is Lucky Charms
24) Tom had a short part in the movie "Idle Hands"
25)Mark loves Disney movies
26) Mark wrote "Going away to college" on Valentines Day after watching "Cant hardly wait"
27) Tom was voted HomeComing King by his friends to tick off the administrators since they hated him
28) Marks pet Beagle is named Ahi
29) Toms middle name is Matthew
30)Travis' mom died when he was 10 years old
31)Tom bought a computer so he can look up stuff about aliens