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***The Forever Record official site is put on hold for now because we are thinking about deleting our current one and creating a better website, but in the meantime visit our partnered site *Secondary also for there is a chance of the Forever Records record label for being an actual record label. Becuz right now were making a demo tape of variety of beats and rythmns to send to an interested company that will make us a professional company.
First you probably are gonna wonder what the hell Forever Records,ok let me explain it to you. Its a record company that me and a bunch of my friends formed. We do basically all types of genres of music except country. Because who the hell likes country?!! We have some expierence with creating music and have some recording systems. And we all have music maker programs, I bet even now you the reader think were still dreamin. Well Fuck you! Who cares, I dont know you ,you dont know me. Well anyways we just recently kicked out a member cause he was white just kidding no in all seriousness yeah he was white but that wasn't the reason. Because he chose his girlfriend over us. Yeah some of you might think he made the right decison but no he didnt. Because the girl hes going out with is so damn ugly and annoying and gets us introuble. So that pretty much almost explains what the hell Forever Records is. You can visit the site at: If you visit the site you will find better information about each of the members and the point of having a record company is.



"The Beggining in the End..."