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Hee-Sung your ugly!!!!

This is my cd that Im currently making, with songs about my Sunday school teacher, Its like basically all diss songs about him that diss about everything about him. Why you ask? Because I just do... The cd is called: "Tribute To Hee-Sung" the genre of this is like basically weird type of punk and maybe alternative. I have no intention of seriouseness in these songs. I hope you enjoy it when I put mp3's of it.

    Track List:
  1) The People have Said it
  2) Who is he?
  3) Yo Hee-sung your...
  4) What Stinks?
  5) Orange Shorts
  6) The squirrels have said it  
  7) We hate you
  8) We love you
  9) Squirrels just hate you
 10) You think your cool
 11) Stop the punishment
 12) Abusive Ages
 13) Just give up!
 14) Hee-Sung ran to New Jersey



When I put the mp3's up please dont take them.