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Whats a Logan?
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Alright at first you might ask yourself whats a Logan and whos a Logan??? Well first yes that looks like a picture of Osama Bin Laden but thats also a pic of Logan Miller. You see Logan does look identical to Bin Laden. Because there was some weird thing going on Logans genes during he was a fetus,like there was a mutation in his DNA sequence and his real father which is still unknown,is that Logan must of have his real fathers dominate genes. Which gave him that hideous appearance right now. It was rumored that Logan was a substitute for Bin Laden when Bin Laden couldnt show up insome of the meetings that was held. So obviously they picked the right substitute, because hes got the same filthy smell,the trickery, and the loud obnoxious laugh. Well obviously Logan was in the conspiracy of planning to do 9/11. So hes like on Americas Most Wanted but the problem is that logans been hiding out and got plastic surgery on his entire body.He wanted to be white because his idol is Micheal Jackson so he figured if Micheal Jackson turned white, he should to. The result of the surgery was hideous. Because Logan looked like more like Boy George, then a normal white person. Logan now is currently disguised as a highschool student where he attends school at Rochester new York. Logan and his girlfriend has broken up now and his life is in a wannabe crama state he thinks that people will fogive him for the 9/11 thing but hes wrong he has hurt many families and deserves to be hunted and be killed.If you think you see Logan but your not sure if its him heres some things to look for. 1) He smells really bad, 2) He looks like Boy George, 3) He likes to sing off key and tap dance out of beat. 4) he has pimples all over his body including his face back and arm and legs!(NASty!) 


See the plastic surgery really did a good job but still ugly

Warning!!! To all citizens of the Rochester area: This poser, shown up above, a.k.a. Logan Miller has been sighted around the Greece area maybe elsewhere! He's wanted by the FBI in their top 10 most wanted list for poorly plagerizing pop artists(ex. michael jackson, n'sync, and many more), he is beleived to be the cause of these pop artists downfall in popularity, and he is also wanted for sexually abusing young children from ages 3-13. If you think you may have seen this child molesting afghani terrorist
call 1-800-CRIMETV
and help bring one of america's top enemies to justice!
It's for your protection.
Here are some tips on helping you identifying this offender:
-many people smell but you will recognize a smell nastier than ever scented before
-plagerisms sound all alike (scratchy, deep voice)
-smells or sniffs at anything or anyone
-looks like he's always starved to look more helpless and to stock up on food/ramen noodles
-thinks hes funny by doing the most stupidest stuff (ex. running up to an unknown person and start singing off tune, imitations of other unpopular people)
-attracted to the stupidest sluts
-always broke
-tries to breakdance but always messes up
-he thinks he has bodyguards, and the bodyguards are seniors from his high school who dont really like him,but he thinks they do becuz they signed his yearbook
-he also has an screenname its Loganm86 feel free to mock him,but the dog has other sn's but he uses the one that was listed more.
thats enough to help you put this dog behind bars if you need more info contact either Kookorean or DaCoreyAn through AIM (Aol Instant Messenger)